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Successful was hunting

“Motor” successfully completed the fifth attempt to “hunt for champion points.” The first “+2” current champion of Ukraine took away from the Croatian “Zagreb”.

The flagships of the Ukrainian handball are pretty hungry for victories in the European arena. In pursuit of Victoria in the first three minutes of the first half, the motorists scored twice, the opponent scored with one accurate throw. The impenetrable Gennady Komok joined the fight and drove the Zagrebians away from the Zaporizhia gates with saves. At the 10th minute of the game – 4: 3. Zagreb played 7 against six with an “unprotected goal” and tried to use a quantitative advantage in the attack. In part, this was possible (4: 5, 5: 7, 6: 9). Wards of Nikolay Stepants, who had recently again become the head of the “Motor”, had balanced by the 18th minute of the first half of the match – 9: 9. The technical marriage of the Croats began to turn into the goals of the Ukrainian titans – for example, two “nails” in a row pounded into the empty frame of Zagreb Aidenas Malašinskas. Senyamin Buric in the 21st minute brought his team closer to the owners of the site – 11:10. However, the charge of the “motor builders” beat the key – and that was all according to the last line of the Croatian champion. With the efforts of Maxim Babichev, Boris Pukhovsky, Pavel Pachkovski and Zakhar Denisov, the break in the assets of the best squad of Ukraine was already “+4” (17:13).

The leaders of the Ukrainian Super League were in shock and in the second half. Kept goalkeeper Gennady Komok, in the frame of the Croats, Urh Kastelic continued to work. “Motor”, without burning all the fuel, held and gradually strengthened its leadership position (20:14, 21:16, 24:18). The defense of 5-1 and 4-2, proposed by Zagreb, did not greatly influence the victory plans of the Cossacks. Again scored goals SuperBorya, flew in the gap Artem Kozakevich. In the 12th minute of the second thirty minutes, Vladislav Dontsov came onto the pitch, and after him, Hot Peszewski (who “right off the bat” hit the opponent’s frame). At the equator of the second half, the teams’ tutors synchronously changed the goalkeepers: Gennady Komka received the “baton” Viktor Kireev, and Ivan Vekic stepped in to the Zagreb service. Little could have prevented the realization of Motory ideas. In general, the owners of the site could boast of outstanding sales today (71%), and only the last 5 minutes of the match were held “in a goal silence”. The point in the scoring “Motor” put Yuri Kubatko, chalked up a goal on the 25th turn of the second hand. On the 26th

minute he replied Damir Bichanic. In the remaining time, 2 attempts for each of the opposing teams went “in milk”. 35:27, the champion of Ukraine returned from a successful hunt with 2 points in the VELUX EHF Champions League.

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