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Visit to the Palace of Sports “Yunost” during quarantine

It’s no secret that already on September 17 our sports palace will host the most anticipated event of this September – the Champions League handball match between “MOTOR” Zaporizhia and “BARSA” Spain. The Cossacks have never met Catalans on the court before, so the confrontation promises to be interesting.

In connection with adaptive quarantine on the territory of Ukraine, the rules for visiting the PS “Yunost” for handball matches of the Champions League have been slightly changed:

1. When purchasing a ticket to the game, you must receive a declaration of health (when purchasing a ticket online – the form will be sent to e-mail, when buying at the box office – issued by the cashier). This declaration is completed on the day of the game and is provided with the ticket at the entrance to the sports palace.

2. In the absence of a completed declaration or filling it out incorrectly, it will be possible to re-fill the health document at the crisis desk in the PS “Yunost”, which is located near the entrance to sectors 7-8. The entrance to the crisis table is through a separate door on the left side of the sports palace.

3. At the entrance to the territory of the PS “Yunost”, the body temperature of the visitors will be measured. ATTENTION! Visitors with a body temperature of 37.2 ° and above will not be admitted to the match.

4. Entering and staying on the territory of the PS “Yunost” strictly in a protective mask, which must be worn correctly and completely cover the nose and mouth.

5. When you are on the territory of the PS “Yunost” you must maintain a social distance of 1.5 m.

6. Visitors are advised to disinfect their hands with antiseptic agents located on the territory of the Palace of Sports .

7. The seating of visitors in the sector is in accordance with the ticket sales scheme for the match.

8. Visitors who do not comply with the rules are not allowed into the Palace of Sports or removed from it without refund of the cost of the entrance ticket.

PS “Yunost” is guided by the decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and local self-government bodies on holding mass events during the period of adaptive quarantine. The rules can be changed or supplemented according to changes in the legislation on adaptive quarantine in Ukraine.

You can download the rules for visiting the PS “Yunost” in document format at the link below


You can also download the health declaration form required to visit the PS “Yunost” on your own from the link below.


We remind you that without a completed declaration, the ticket purchased for the match is not valid!

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