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BC “Zaporozhye” returned to its first place in the Super League Match-Match

Valerii Plekhanov’s team hit Kharkiv’s “Polytechnic” next defeat at the home-field.

BC “Zaporozhye” – BK “Polytechnic” 104: 77 (31:14, 19:24, 31:23, 23:16)
“Zaporozhye”: Holton (8 + 7 transfers + 3 interceptions), Kondrakov (18 + 5 pickups + 4 transfers + 3 interceptions), Hill (14 + 6 pickups), Mironenko (9), Butz (4) – start; Ovdeyenko (9), Leryanik (2), Vadim Bykov (3), Tarasenko (10 + 5 picking up), Anisimov (6), Trent (21 + 5 pickups + 5 interceptions)
“Polytechnic”: Javan Davis (18 + 5 matches + 4 transfers + 3 interceptions – 7 losses), Kozlov (21 + 6 assists), Natesan (2), Rochniak (7 + 4 transfers), Vuyovych (4 + 5 rebounds) – start; Kuznetsov (4-4 losses), Chugunov (3), Savchenko (8 + 4 transfers), Kolotilov (2), Spasich (2), Jason Carter (6 + 2 block-shots)

The start-up access of Kharkiv was the only slow moment in the leadership of the guests in the game. Then the owners confidently seized the initiative, realizing 5 long throws during the quarter. Andriy Mironenko noticed such shots twice, but he did not become the most successful player of the 10-minute period. Yuriy Kondrakov scored 7 points and 3 pickups, justifying his appearance at the start. Basketball players “Polytechnic” made an unacceptable amount of losses in the first quarter – 8, while the Zaporozhye – none. It affected the account – 31:14.

A bit better than the team of Vladimir Koval held the second game segment. Kharkiv not only managed to win the quarter, but also to unleash the potential of his newcomer – Javan Davis, who scored 12 points, realizing three long throws. The guests won the selection and approached the account before the big break – 50:38.

From the first second of the third quarter, the Zaporozhians again turned on the pressure, forcing the opponent to make a mistake. Malik Trent and Yuri Kondrakov made their own run of performance, which had a beneficial effect on the team achievement of the Zaporozhians. Valerii Plekhanov’s wards returned a 20-point advantage and no longer allowed themselves to relax.

In the final quarter, only the question was raised, which record for the season of performance will show Zaporozhye. It’s nice that a hundred points scored scored by the youngest team Vadim Bykov. After him, Stanislav Ovdeyenko and Valeriy Anisimov marked that they summed up the defeat – 104: 77

Malik Trent with Yuri Kondrakov made the biggest contribution to the victory of the Zaporizhzhya team, having scored 21 and 18 points, respectively. The next match of BC Zaporizhia will be held on October 25 in Yuzhny and 27 in Odessa.

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