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Vinnick in our Youth

The famous Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik gave a concert in Zaporozhye. In addition to photos from the scene on Instagram, the singer has a picture taken after the concert. In his hands, Oleg holds a yellow-blue cake, and on top there is a small figure on the treat – a mini-copy of Vinnik.

The hall was packed with fans (mostly – fans of the singer). The singer returned to the hall twice to sing more songs for his fans.

Two days before the performance, Vinnyk visited the Palace of Sports and even took a small report in which he praised the Palace and even joked about the fact that it would be necessary to put extra chairs in the hall to accommodate all the fans.

The hall on the day of the concert was full. Five thousand tickets were sold (that is, everything that was on sale).

People on the day of the performance began to gather two hours before the show. Some were hoping to meet Vinnik here.

An hour before the beginning of the concert, many people appeared in the area of ​​the Palace of Sports with stands on which magnets with the image of a favorite singer were offered. Winnick sold with his autographs.

At the concert, Vinnyka was called “for an encore” several times, and the audience then shared enthusiastic responses in social networks.

“I’m not getting tired of loving you!”, The artist himself succinctly signed a series of shots.

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