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Kvartal 95 in our Youth

On Sunday, December 23, a concert of the Quarter 95 studio took place in Zaporizhia. As part of a big pre-New Year tour, famous comedians will present their new program in nine Ukrainian cities. In each of them, Kvartal 95 holds another one before the evening commercial concert – free, social. Teachers, doctors, participants and veterans of the ATO, people with special needs and other citizens who are not able to attend such concerts are invited to this speech.

“During our tours in Ukraine, we have been holding additional charity speeches for many years. We are very pleased that now journalists have paid attention to this. In each new city we give another concert for people who love our work, who want to see us, but cannot afford to buy tickets. This is our initiative – the day before the commercial performance to make such a nice gift to people, ”the head of Kvartal 95 studio Vladimir Zelensky shared his thoughts,“ I think all Ukrainian artists can afford to do another one on the day of the concert ”.
Before the performance, the famous artist met with the Cossacks and answered many questions. Of course, the majority of the audience was interested in one thing – whether Vladimir Zelensky will run for the presidency of Ukraine. “We’ll see, I will think,” the satirist intrigued the Cossacks, after which he made another statement: “I don’t care what happens in the country. Each of us has moments in life, a certain age comes when you realize that you must help a city, a country, or the people thanks to whom it took place. If you can do something, you need to do it. ”

At the daytime charity concert of Kvartal 95 studio, as well as at the commercial one, there was a full house. In the Zaporozhye Palace of Sports “Youth”, which seats almost 5 thousand spectators, there was no place for an apple to fall. From the first minutes until the very end, the concert was imbued with political jokes and allusions to the balloting of Vladimir Zelensky. He begins his speech in the form of the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, afterwards he goes into conversation with the audience in the hall, joking with the actors of the studio jokes about other candidates, but about his own political future, until the end, he keeps the intrigue.

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