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Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Where can I buy a ticket?

  • Opening hours of the ticket office in the Sports Palace "YOUTH"?

  • Smoking area

  • Animals


Where are we located?

Pobedy Street, 66, Zaporozhye, Zaporizhzhya, 69000

Where can I buy a ticket?

At the ticket offices of the Sports Palace "YOUTH", which is located on the right side of the main entrance of the palace.
On our website.
On the site Musin.zp.ua

Where is the site of handball club "MOTOR"?


In what time? Can?

Opening hours of the ticket office in the Sports Palace "YOUTH"?

The ticket office is open from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 16:00

Where are the links to social networks?




Smoking area

The balcony for smoking is on the right side of the arena. In other places, smoking is prohibited.

Prohibited Items?

there are a few things that are not permitted inside Sports Palace "YOUTH":

* Weapons/Firearms/Knives
* Laser Pens
* Pepper Spray/Mace
* Signs and Banners
* Alcohol
* Outside Food & Beverages
* Glass, Cans, Aluminum Bottles
* Hoverboards/Skateboards


We love animals as much as you do, however, only service animals are permitted inside Sports Palace "YOUTH".

What about?

Do I need a ticket for my child?

For all concert and sports events, all guests, including children, must have a ticket to enter the arena.
If the child is not more than 120 cm, without providing a separate seat, he can visit the arena without a ticket.
But we recommend buying tickets for both adults and children.

I have special dietary restrictions. Can I bring my own food or drinks to the United Center?

External food or drinks are not allowed on the arena. The Palace of Sport offers a variety of menu items on the Food Zone.