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66 Victory Sr., Zaporozhye

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Thu, 28 March / 20:00
200 uah. - 1590 uah.
Sun, 9 June / 19:00
250 uah. - 990 uah.
Sun, 1 December / 19:00
650 uah. - 2500 uah.

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On the 16th of March in our Palace of Sports a great solo concert Jah Khalib died down in our Youth
It was just an explosion of emotions.
Almost two hours of ...


We won! “MOTOR” - “Skiern” 33:23
In the 13th round of the Champions League, “MOTOR” on its site gave an amazing game in the match against “Skjern”. Having ...


And again, "Chemist" out of competition!

Yuzhnensky team won the honorary prize for the sixth time. This time, as they say, with a clear advantage.

The ...

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